Schedule Changes

The Green Mountain Express Schedule Brochure for 2016 is also available for download here (Adobe pdf 2.6MB)

See the new Schedule Pages here
  • The schedule has changed from a Purple Cover to an Orange Cover
  • The Blue Line will not operate 9:45am -10:00am & 3:00pm-3:15pm
  • Martin's Mini Mart, corner of Washington & Main, has been added as an untimed stop, near the rear of Martin's Lot on the Blue Line.
  • The Red Line will not operate 10:00am-10:15am & 3:15pm-3:30pm
  • Red line service now ends at 6pm, year round.
  • Green Line South will not operate 1:55-2:30, service ends at 5:33pm.
  • Green Line North will not operate 2:12pm-2:48pm, service ends at 5:50pm.
  • A fifth run has been added on the Purple Line, departing the transfer station at 12:10 pm, turning around at Stewart's in Pownal.
  • The Orange Line bus that served the Southern Vermont College at 12:05 has been discontinued. The Brown Line will serve SVC during this period.
  • A fifth run has been added to the Orange Line departing the transfer station at 1:00pm, round trip to Arlington. This run turns around at Battenkill Health Center. The location of this turn around spot will change once the new Battenkill Health Center is open.
  • The Orange Line route path has been corrected on the map. Orange Line now follows Orchard Road.
  • Several runs to the Southern Vermont College are now seasonal, these are highlighted in blue.
  • An "R" request stop at the rear gate of Bennington College has been added to the Brown Line. This request stop is for the College side of the rear gate only.